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100% On Location: Urban Cowboy


Nestled atop a hill at the corner of Woodland and 16th, you may find the hint of smoke in the air. Behind the impeccably designed and renovated Victorian mansion that houses the B&B, the Public House at Urban Cowboy beckons you with the promise of fire, both to warm your bones and cook your dinner. Since opening about one year ago, it's helped cement Nashville's status as a city of artists and tastemakers. If there's one thing that can rival the warm aromas and rustic charm of East Nashville, however, it's the glowing peaks of Southern France.

Domaine de L'ausseil is also nestled atop a hill, one in the French Pyrenées where old bush-vines grow in wild, untreated fields and the language spoken carries the affricative sounds of Catalan. It is here where Jacques and Anne de Chancel moved to raise their children and tend vines.

l'ausseil vineyards with a view.jpg

Their P'tit Piaf is 100% Merlot, destemmed and fermented in tank, yielding a bright and fresh wine, medium bodied with an abundance of berry fruit and garrigue notes. It's not the heavy-handed oak bomb found yesterday in California; rather, it's the perfect companion for an October bonfire, when the blustery wind blows in from the Mediterranean... or the Cumberland.

I caught up with Urban Cowboy's beverage director, Mollie Ward, just as the staff was lighting up the restaurant's large fire pit. She selected the P'tit Piaf as a by-the-glass option for the restaurant's array of wood-fired, locally-sourced food.

"We cook all of our food on a wood burning grill so I always choose wines that pair nicely with grilled food," she notes. "The Domaine de L'ausseil Petit Piaf is perfect for several of our dishes. It is so versatile and can be enjoyed with a grilled mackerel (one of my favorite dishes here, an oily robust fish grilled and served with a small amount of salt and lemon). The pleasant fruit and hint of acidity works very well with the smoke from the grill. Not only does it pair with fish, it can also stand up to a grilled skirt steak served with some funky blue cheese (another one of my all time favorites here)."

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