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Rosé Class of 2017


Fresh from commencement and arriving by the boatload, the 2017 rosés are here! Whether you dig classic and chic or rustic and skin soaked, we've got just the right bottle. Some are as predictable as garrigue in Southern France, while others might widen your definition of what rosé can be. In any case, you're in for refreshment and, I hope, lots of barbecues, pool parties and picnics this season. Check our selection to see what's going around town...


Arcari e Danesi "Grace" Rosé

The majority of Giovanni Arcari and Nico Danesi's production is dedicated to their true love, Franciacorta, but they set aside some time for Grace, their blend of Barbera, Schiava, Marzemino & Sangiovese, from 70 year old vines. Its name is inspired by Grand Central Station, built with marble that came from the same region as their grapes.

Lutte Raisonnée - Natural Fermentation - Vegan


Arndorfer Zweigelt Rosé

Crafted to be a booming and robust rosé, Martin & Anna Arndorfer allow these Zweigelt grapes to sit on their skins for 12 hours, followed 3 days later by another 10 hour soak on Grüner Veltliner skins. All the added texture, tannin and flavor make this the perfect rosé for barbecue fare and lazy summer nights.

Lutte Raisonnée - Natural Fermentation - Vegan - Minimal Sulfites


Folias de Baco "Uivo Renegado"

Is it a rosé, or more of a red? It's definitely a tweener, certainly a renegade. For this project, Tiago Sampaio vinifies a field blend of 25 unique, traditional varietals (roughly 50/50 white and red). It pours a bright, cherry red and, like a rosé, benefits most from a short stint in the icebox.

Lutte Raisonnée - Natural Fermentation


Terre Gaie "Ellie" Rosato

From the makers of our current top selling Pinot Noir comes Ellie, a rosé of said grape. This value-driven slammer is juicy and refreshing, lighter-bodied in spite of the deeper color, and brimming with apple and strawberry notes.


Bodega Fontana "Mesta" Tempranillo Rosé

The Mesta were a powerful alliance of shepherds in medieval Castile, and to this day flocks of sheep migrate annually through the villages of the pastoral countryside, vineyards speckled in the background. From organic Tempranillo comes this beautiful rosé: bright watermelon colored, thirst-quenching and ever-so-slightly sweet on the finish. This is the rosé for a taco feast, where you also should serve margaritas.

Lutte Raisonnée


Folias de Baco "PT Nat" Pinot Noir Rosé

Tiago Sampaio is back with one of his most personal projects, showcasing the possibilities of Pinot Noir in his tiny corner of the Alto Duoro. His pet-nat is just what the doctor ordered, frothy and ample with plenty of flower petal and cherry notes.

Lutte Raisonnée - Natural Fermentation


1000 Mille Pinot Noir Rosé

From the hills of Lombardia comes this pleasant and quite pale rosé of Pinot Noir. A candidate for a quick chugging, this thirst-quencher comes in a liter bottle and delivers an ice cool elegance when poured directly from the fridge.


Beatrice & Pascal Lambert "Cuvee Mathilde" Chinon Rosé

The Lamberts keep their soil pristine and chemical-free with over 20+ years of organic and biodynamic farming. They stick to Chinon classics, growing just Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc, and this direct-pressed rose is an absolute delight: high-quality with a rich and tangy fruitiness.

Certified Organic/Biodynamic - Natural Fermentation - Vegan - No Sulfites Added

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