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I wonder how many winemakers sent Valentine's Day cards to their grapes, because making wine is absolutely a labor of love. For those winemakers not running a large-scale, factory-farm wine operation, oftentimes riches come in the form of a nourished soil instead of a padded bank account.

The spiritual payoff for the pastoral life, however, is priceless. Days spent among the vines, watching the birds soar as the breeze ruffles the leaves, are truly the best days. And what better way to spend life doing what you love than to do it with the person you love? 

From Bainbridge and Cathcart to Le Due Terre and Domain Clos des Mourres, husband and wife teams abound in our portfolio. Their wines can be as flirtatious as a first date, or as profound and legendary as a 50 year anniversary. Their love nurtures the land and each other, and you can certainly taste the harmony captured in their bottles. We're happy to represent all of these producers. In fact, we love it.

100 Percent Italiano