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Azienda Menicocci


Lazio, Italy

In 1986, Cristina Menicocci was just three years old when her father Claudio decided to transition their farm to organic practices. 22 years later, she took it a step further by converting the farm to biodynamics. At the foot of the Cimini Mountains in Lazio, Azienda Menicocci grows grapes, olives and hazelnuts, but their farm fosters so much more life than that. In addition to helping the family business, Cristina studies veterinary medicine, ensuring the animals are just as healthy as the vines.

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Stamnos was the name for the vase full of wine that ancient Greeks brought to the table, and one can easily imagine Bacchus sipping on this Merlot, plush and round with cherry and licorice notes saturating with ample tannin.