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Bainbridge and Cathcart


Anjou, Loire Valley, France

When the brigantine Tres Hombres set sail from Brest to Copenhagen, it carried an astounding 10 tons of wine for the world renowned restaurant NOMA, including some bottles made by British ex-pat Tony Bainbridge and his American wife Julie Cathcart.

The pair met on Julie’s family farm in Oklahoma, while Tony was studying commercial agriculture, and decided to move to the Loire Valley to join the area’s vibrant natural wine scene. After a few years working for other artisan producers, including at Domaine Mosse, they bought 4.5 hectares of vines and committed entirely to biodynamic production.


Renouncing any pretenses one might have about their product, they bottle everything in clear Champagne bottles with crown caps. They want you to enjoy the vibrant colors of their wine and revel in the fact that it will never be corked.

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Cuvée Rouge aux Levres

Made entirely with Grolleau from 80-100 year old vines, this wine sees a three week, semi-carbonic maceration, yielding a light-bodied and juicy wine bursting with vineous berry fruit, plums and spice. The small amount of fizz in the bottle is intentional, meant to naturally replace the need for sulfur as well as contribute to the wine’s lively constitution.