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il Cancelliere


Taurasi, Campania, Italy

Il Cancelliere honors the "peasant art of wine," and they showcase these harmonious and humble winemaking methods exclusively through one grape, a grape that was once revered as a Grand Cru of ancient Roman times. The noble fruit, of course, is Aglianico, the dark grape of mysterious origins brought to Italy via Greece, cultivated since before recorded history. 

The company ("The Chancellor" in English) is named after the nickname of founder Soccorso Romano, who heads the family-run project in Montemarano as they seek to produce exceptional bottlings of Taurasi, one of only two DOCG designations for the Aglianico grape.

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Campania Aglianico IGT
The juicier, youthful Aglianico they produce, this 2015 IGT sees no oak, just a quick year in tank and another few months in bottle, before it's ready. This gives you that perfect introduction to the savory and brooding nature of Aglianico. Try replacing your everyday Malbec with it.


Nero Ne Taurasi DOCG
Dense and tannic, tight and nervy, Taurasi is the Aglianico expression that takes years of aging to bring about its beauty. That's what keeps it in the league of greats, however, with famed Italian grapes like Nebbiolo and Sangiovese.

At 7 years old, this Taurasi is just beginning to confess its secrets, but its power is evident. The wine continues to evolve in your glass, unveiling rustic aromas of leather, smoked spice, flowers and faintly sweet dried fruits.