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Lurisia, Italy

Atop Monte Pigna, the snow falls in the winter, melts and picks up trace minerals on its journey through the earth. It returns to the surface in the form of springs. As the legend goes, long ago a miner swung a pickaxe against a rocky wall here, discovering a spring that produced this “magic” water, able to heal wounds in a surprisingly fast amount of time. The Lurisia Spa was established in the 1940s, eventually adding a production facility to bottle their pure, healthy water.


From spring to bottle, Lurisia is dedicated to the well-being of their habitat and maintaining a pollution-free environment. They respect the fields and woods, and reinvest in their region to ensure its longevity. Lurisia purifies their own waste water for industrial use, and maintains focus on worker safety. Part of the Slow Food Presidium, they also partner with growers of pristine citrus and regional grains, making soda and beer while they preserve the unique flavors of Italy.

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Stille and Bolle

From the Santa Barbara spring, these waters are light and pure, with one of the lowest fixed residue contents compared to other European mineral waters. They bottle it straight from the source, only adding a bit of natural carbonation to make the Bolle.

The experience of Lurisia’s water is beautifully neutral. Impeccable and refreshing, it can accentuate any meal with its smooth purity, or be the blank canvas for immaculate Italian citrus fruits.


La Nostra Gazzosa

The terraces of the Amalfi Coast have been producing the juicy Sfusati lemon for over 300 years, while Lurisia still uses a 60 year old recipe to make this lemon soda. The semi-sweet juice of the lemon adds plenty of balanced lemon flavor, with a touch of the floral. Serve with a plate of oysters, in gin cocktails or with a simple licorice stick.


La Nostra Aranciata

The Gargano oranges that sweeten this soda spend their growing days overlooking the Adriatic Sea, adding a deep perfume of citrus and spring flowers to this soda, balanced nicely as it wavers from delicate sweetness to cleansing tartness, like a ripe orange. The sweetest of their sodas, it's a great partner with bitter aperitifs in a spritz, or double-down and turn it into sorbet.


La Nostra Chinotto

On the west side of the Liguria River grows the Chinotto orange, the bittersweet citrus with an interesting flavor somewhere between lime and blood orange. It was the 1950s when a darkened, chinotto soda was marketed as a local alternative to the increasingly popular Coca-Cola, but today it's more known amongst the craft cocktail crowd. Served neat, the drink is an interesting melange of citrus, herb and bitter caramel.


La Nostra Acqua Tonica di Chinotto

A truly Italian experience, the Acqua Tonica is a tonic water that's bitter with the Chinotto fruit instead of the typical herb quinine. It won't ward off scurvy, but it does still hang with Gin, offering a bitter, slightly tart and citrusy take on tonic. It's thirst quenching by itself, and a great palate cleanser with light appetizers.