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Château Haut-Monplaisir

Cathy and Daniel Fournié organically farm 74 acres of nothing but Malbec vines in the grape's ancestral home of Cahors. Throughout the Middle Ages, it was the black wine from here that was revered most in the western part of France. In fact, it was even added to Bordeaux to bump up its body and presentation. Cathy inherited the vines from her father, who spent years selling to negociants, and enlisted the help of dynamic winemaker Pascal Verhaeghe to work towards a modern revival of a forgotten about corner of French winemaking.

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Weingut Muster

To approach the soul of a wine, Maria and Sepp Muster believe one must sidestep laboratory analysis, and to make good wine, one must approach the project with honesty and courage. Biodynamically farming 10 hectares of family plots, the Musters have been making very good wine since 2000 in the soils of southern Styria, filled with a clay silt known colloquially as Opok.

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Azienda Menicocci

In 1986, Cristina Menicocci was just three years old when her father Claudio decided to transition their farm to organic practices. 22 years later, she took it a step further by converting the farm to biodynamics. At the foot of the Cimini Mountains in Lazio, Azienda Menicocci grows grapes, olives and hazelnuts, but their farm fosters so much more life than that.

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